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Are you getting ready to leave for higher studies to North America?  Make sure that you get a local connection for USA and Canada from World Phone before you board that plane!

With World Phone, you and your loved ones can keep in touch for local rates! Which means you can now forget exorbitant calling charges. You can create your own Monthly Rate Plan. Just decide how many minutes every month do you want to call and whether to a single number or multiple numbers or a combination of both. Then enter the corresponding amount in the table below to arrive at your very own Rate Plan. Your Rate Plan can be as low as Rs.395 per month but never higher than Rs. 1795 for unlimited calling anywhere in US and Canada.

  • Basic Plan Fee
    (includes USA virtual number and 16 free features)
  • You must choose at least one of the following options along with the Basic Plan:
  • Number of minutes to anywhere in USA and Canada:
  • Number of minutes to a single number in the USA or Canada
  • No contract or security deposit.

  • You can make a local call to India from any mobile or landline in USA and Canada.

  • Payment in Indian rupees. No hassles of recharging – auto debit available.

  • Besides these great rates and your flexibility to create your own plan, there is absolutely no charge for the analogue telephone adapter/ voice modem. There is only a one-time activation fee of Rs. 2000

  • Enjoy these 16 great features for free: Caller id, Enhanced voice mail, Call waiting, 3-way calling, Call forwarding, Do not disturb, Hide caller id, Speed dialling, Call screening, Follow me, Overwrite DND, Black list, Enhanced call screening, Broadcast calling, Online phone book, Soft/ Web phone

  • To avail of these rates, you must provide us with proof of admittance to a University in USA or Canada

    For furthur information mail to or call (011) 4379 2000
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